Headquarters (310) 706-4450

Contacts & Locations

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Los Angeles Loan Center
Matt Douglas Principal 310-706-4462
Jackie Ferguson COO 310-706-4463
Bart Brehm Loan Officer 310-706-4466
Joshua Galindo Loan Officer 949-218-4007
Bill Hain Loan Officer 310-706-4467
Jean-Marc Herrouin Loan Officer 310-706-4456
Loren Tirone Loan Officer 310-706-4454
Joni Turquand Loan Processor 310-706-4461
Sean Farrell Jr. Loan Analyst 310-706-4465
Steven Smith Jr. Loan Analyst / Sales Assoc. 310-706-4457
Patricia Hernandez Loan Coordinator 310-706-4459
Maria de Ungria Loan Coordinator 310-706-4468

Orange County Loan Center
Don Simkins SVP and Regional Manager 949-218-4004
Dave Meis Loan Officer 949-218-4005
Tyler Simkins Junior Loan Analyst 949-218-4002 x330
Kimberley Pool Loan Processor 949-218-4002 x 300